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Content Observer: our free WordPress Plugin

Modifications to a site’s content can have a significant impact on your site’s rankings in search results. Therefore not only search engine optimizers, but also content administrators should be informed about all modifications to assure an optimal user experience. Check out our new WordPress Plugin to stay in the loop at every time.

Including REST-API for RankAnalyst Lab – for incredible analytics insights.

SaaS + Analyst

Sometimes simple optimization tools are no longer sufficient to solve complex performance problems. That’s why we developed RankAnalyst Lab. And we provide the experts with the following.

All data merged and analyzed centrally

With the pattern recognition of our Big Data Lab, we examine the specific performance components of your website. We break down the online strategy of your competitors and find anomalies, dependencies, potentials and risks that were previously hidden.

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More knowledge, more turnover

Not only will you learn how your search engine optimization really works, but you will also penetrate the essential mechanisms of the market like no other. Intervene quickly, purposefully and strategically. Prevent economic damage and bring your company efficiently to the top. 

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Would you like to know where your website is standing? Which deficits exist and how can you remedy them? What direction do you need to take to grow your digital business? With our unique 360° audit, we provide you with all the important findings and operational recommendations you need to do this. 

Progressive OptimizationContinuous

Markets and brokers (Google & Co.) are constantly evolving. Take advantage of this volatility: recognize the mechanisms and trends before your competitor succeeds. With our Progressive Optimization you always see more than others, can immediately take appropriate measures and safely expand your position.


With the experience from tool development and innumerable optimizations we provide our knowledge also in seminars and workshops. Benefit from unusual insights and get to know the mechanisms of the digital market in a new way.


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