If guessing is not strategy.

Open Source Performance Dependency Exploration System

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Have a look at our documentation and our YouTube-Video-Tutorials.

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To analyze our Case Studies you can visit our Lab without registration. Note: the Lab is not designed for use on mobile devices.

RankAnalyst Lab

Content Observer: our free WordPress Plugin

Modifications to a site’s content can have a significant impact on your site’s rankings in search results. Therefore not only search engine optimizers, but also content administrators should be informed about all modifications to assure an optimal user experience. Check out our new WordPress Plugin to stay in the loop at every time.

Including REST-API for RankAnalyst Lab – for incredible analytics insights.

Tell me what it’s for.

Increasing Complexity

Sometimes simple optimization tools are no longer sufficient to solve complex performance problems. That’s why we developed RankAnalyst Lab. Efficient. Transparent. Thruthful. And: Open Source.

All data merged and analyzed centrally

With the pattern recognition of our Big Data Lab, we examine the specific performance components of your website. We break down the online strategy of your competitors and find anomalies, dependencies, potentials and risks that were previously hidden.

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More knowledge, more turnover

Not only will you learn how your search engine optimization really works, but you will also penetrate the essential mechanisms of the market like no other. Intervene quickly, purposefully and strategically. Prevent economic damage and bring your company efficiently to the top. 

Case Studies

The Developers

RankAnalyst Lab is maintained by a small development team with years of technical and marketing expertise. The motivation to develop the system arose from the daily need to provide solutions to previously unanswered questions.  

The Technology

RankAnalyst Lab is designed as a  browser-based solution and is build on PHP, MySQL and other open source libraries. The currently availabale version can be used productively, error messages are accepted via the forum.