What is SEO or search engine optimization?

The term “search engine optimization” (or “SEO” for Search Engine Optimization) implies the introduction of measures to convince only search engines of the value of an online offer. And indeed, many optimizers initially operated according to exactly this motto, which led to creating a bad reputation for those methods, but also the entire industry. 

Not tricks, but user requests

In light of the increasingly human-like rating search engines, but also the increasing competition, today no good rankings can be achieved with simple tricks. The searchers decide today more than ever, which offers are good, and which they do not need.

From SEO to Search Optimization

The discipline of search engine optimization is therefore today a comprehensive optimization in which the searcher is the focus of all considerations. The term does therefore not adequately describe the actual field of activity.

Special aspects of search engine optimization

With RankAnalyst Lab you can utilize the following key aspects of modern search engine optimization: