Status Quo

Adequate performance evaluation

In recent years, various tools have been able to establish themselves on the market that visualize the presence of a domain in search results via a graph. A single “curve” can be used to track the development of rankings over time.

However, caution is required at this point, as it is not always clear on which basis the calculation is presented. On the other hand, in the course of simplification, so much data is aggregated and merged that a sophisticated analysis is sometimes impossible. 


We have therefore developed a distortion-free way of presentation that takes into account all rankings over time and does not conceal any information. At the same time, it offers the necessary transparency to adequately assess and evaluate current developments.

Keyword becomes context

At the latest since the introduction of the RankBrain rating mechanism at Google, the focus on individual search phrases has been replaced by search phrase groups. We also want to describe the latter as contexts.

Swarm analysis

For adequate performance evaluation, we need to evaluate the development of many contexts over time. This is what we fancy as “swarm analysis”.

The swarm analysis can give information about:

  • what expectations the market has in a specific context
  • how Google & Co. rate a specific context for your website
  • how strong the competition really is compared to your offer