We deliver RankAnalyst Server as a fully functional virtual machine. This is based on Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS and is NOT configured for secure public operation.

Disclaimer: of course we have taken great care in the development of this system. However, we must emphasize at this point that we accept no liability for any damage that may be directly or indirectly connected with the use of the system. Use at your own risk.

Installing the RankAnalyst Server

RankAnalyst is licensed under GPLv3. It can be downloaded free of charge as a virtual machine and used as a browser-based analysis system via the VirtualBox, which is also free of charge. For further information about the system, please refer to the documentation.

Release note: with version 0.95 the system is still in beta stage and in constant development. Even though the core functionalities are largely error-free, we do not rule out errors in individual components at the moment.

Download and Installation

  1. Download and Installation of VirtualBox on your computer
  2. Download RankAnalyst Server OVA file for VirtualBox
  3. Importing the OVA file into VirtualBox
  4. Starting the Virtual Machine
  5. Configuration of e-mail messaging
  6. RankAnalyst Server can be accessed by a browser

1. Download and Installation of VirtualBox on your computer

VirtualBox can be downloaded for Windows, OSX, Linux and Solaris via Installation is simple. More information about installation is available on the VirtualBox download page.

2. Download RankAnalyst Server OVA file for VirtualBox

The RankAnalyst Server OVA file (version 0.95) can be downloaded here: RankAnalyst Server_095.ova

3. Importing the OVA file into VirtualBox

After starting VirtualBox, the OVA file can be imported via the menu File > Import Appliance. After the import a new virtual machine RankAnalyst is available. To make the virtual machine addressable in the network, Network Bridge should be selected in the network settings.

4. Starting the Virtual Machine

Jetzt kann die neue virtuelle Maschine ausgewählt und über den Menüpunkt Start gestartet werden.

5. Configuration of e-Mail messaging

In order for the system to send e-mails correctly, it must be configured accordingly. To do this, you must log on to the virtual machine terminal. User name and password for the login are in the default setting rankanalyst. Please note that the RankAnalyst server has been set to a US keyboard layout. For an authentication on a German keyboard you have to type: rankanalzst.

The configuration file can be found under /var/www/html/common/config/main-local.php. To edit this file, type the following command line command into the terminal window:

sudo nano /var/www/html/common/config/main-local.php

In the editor that opens, enter the correct access data for the central mailbox via which the e-mails are to be sent. Then save the file with CTRL+O and exit the editor with CTRL+X.

The next time the system is started, it is no longer necessary to log on again. It is sufficient if the virtual machine is started via VirtualBox. After booting, the system is immediately accessible via the browser.

6. RankAnalyst Server can be accessed by a browser

With the settings made, RankAnalyst Lab is now accessible with its IP address via any web browser in the local network. The IP address of the RankAnalyst Server is displayed in the terminal window when logging in, but can also be queried using the following command line command:


If no IP address appears here, there is no connection to a network adapter. Check the VirtualBox network settings. Not all network cards are reliably detected by Ubuntu Server. If you have several adapters (e.g. WLAN and LAN), please check their functionality individually using the adapter selection. 

RankAnalyst Lab distinguishes between public and private analysis projects. No authentication is required to view the public projects. Creating new or editing existing projects requires a dedicated administrator account.
RankAnalyst Lab includes the administrator admin with the password rankanalyst. The administrator is able to invite or activate further members via the team functionalities and to grant them different rights per analysis project. New members receive their login password via e-mail.

RankAnalyst Server includes two demo analysis projects:

  • The box shop (public, low amount of records, contains behavioral data)
  • Dating portals (private, large amount of records of competing domains)


In the current development stage, almost all administration operations can be performed via the interface. For the few special ones, which could not be included up to now, a direct database access via the well-known phpMyAdmin is available. phpMyAdmin is available at:


In the default configuration, both the user name and password are rankanalyst.


For direct editing or downloading of system data, these can also be accessed via the installed FTP server:

  • Server: is the IP address of RankAnalyst Server
  • Username: raftp
  • Password: raftp


RankAnalyst Server does not currently support automated updates. If a new version of RankAnalyst Server should be installed, a new virtual machine must be setup, whereby the project data must be copied manually, e.g. via the FTP access. The project data can be found in the folder /var/www/html/DATA. FTP access is directly connected to the html folder. In addition, the tables analysis and posts must be copied and imported via phpMyAdmin.