Why does our search engine optimization not work as expected?

The “classic” search engine optimization

The well-known methods of search engine optimization are increasingly reaching their limits. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that search engines can less and less be influence or fooled on the quality of content and offers. On the other hand, however, the increasing intensification of the competitive situation also plays a major role.

The technical basis

Certainly we must not neglect the technical requirements for an optimal website. Yet, in times when the quality of the HTML code plays an ever smaller role, it is also just: a technical necessity. With this alone no good rankings can be achieved.

From technology to content and strategy

If the content is not convincing, any technical measure loses its importance. SEO as a marketing discipline is therefore changing from a very technically focused approach to a strongly content-related one. But it also poses questions that extend far into strategic decisions, which must include not only aspects of IT but also those of psychology, neurology, sociology, design, marketing and management.

Methods for solution: Market Screening | Reverse Engineering | Content-Optimization