Hardship SEO

Troublesome optimizations

The options of “classic” optimization measures reach their limits when the search engine classifies the content differently than desired. With the help of RankAnalyst Lab, you can see how your website is actually classified and which corrective actions you can take.

The analysis tool supports a variety of different explorative approaches, such as multidimensional dependency checking or the restricted area test, which we will briefly outline below.  

Restricted Area-Test

The following example illustrates what this is all about: the search engine divides its search results into two parts. Into:

  • Playing field
  • Reserve bench

The playing field is (usually) the first search result page that contains all active players (really relevant search results). On the reserve bench (then usually from the second search result page) you can find those search results that are still relevant as potential players.

The actual dividing line between the playing field and the reserve bench is the button to switch to the second search result page. It represents a cognitive decision barrier, which is only taken if the search query was correctly phrased, but the active players on the field still do not match.

In the swarm analysis, the structure and content of the playing field and the reserve bench can be defined very well. This makes it possible to clearly determine which contexts “work” for a domain and which type of content is suitable for active players.

In this way, shortcomings in Google’s classification can be remedied and deadlocked situations can be resolved.