What opportunities and dangers should we address in time?

Search engines as a mirror of the market

Search engines show through their basic mechanisms and the associated quantitative and qualitative distribution of search results of your domain how “well” it is received by your target audience.

If rankings are below average, we must first rule out a technical cause. In most cases, however, the decisive factor is to be found at the cognitive and content level.

Are you servicing the demand?

At the beginning there is always the question of one’s own performance classification:

  • How can our performance be classified?
  • In which areas do we have a high-performance?
  • Which segments are weak and economically problematic?

In the case of bad rankings, the question must be investigated which offers the searchers want and which should be associated with your brand. This is the only way to uncover previously untapped market opportunities and bring them into a strategic discussion.

Adaptability rules

Through the continuous analysis of search behavior, you can react promptly to changing market requirements, but also threats – preferably before your competitors are in a position to do so. For example, the following questions can be answered:

  • How does my target group search?
  • What future needs can be identified?
  • What requirements do we have to prepare ourselves for in terms of content?
  • Do we have to make changes to the portfolio?

Methods of resolution: Market Screening | Strategy & Tactics Stripping