How is our brand perceived by the target audience? What effects does this have on user behaviour?

The searcher decides

In addition to the use of artificial intelligence, Google attaches great importance to the behavior of the searcher. By analysing the click behaviour from the search result to the transaction, it is often possible to draw clear conclusions about the acceptance and relevance of the offer.

It seems plausible that search engines only want to present search results that are of the highest relevance to the searcher. If the search engine cannot offer a solution to the problem described, its use will become obsolete in the medium to long term.

Methods of resolution: Behavior Research

Analysis of search expressions

By analysing the expressions of a search, it also becomes clear how the brand and the products offered are handled by the audience:

  • What characteristics are associated with the brand?
  • Are there any deficits in the usage of the products?
  • Are there any problems phrasing the search?

Methods of resolution: Market Screening