For Decision Makers

What significance do search engines have for decision makers?

It is not so much about the importance of the search engine as a tool for finding information. Rather we would like to underline their strategic importance in marketing, because they act as moderators in the mediation of solution offers. In doing so, they occasionally follow a grassroots democratic system:

If the majority of searchers like a website for a specific offer, this will be further recommended by prominent rankings in the search results.  

The way in which search engines sort their offers for each individual search query allows very productive insights to be derived:

  • How does the target group search and what online offers does it expect? Which “work” and which don’t?
  • How do Google and Co. rate your online offer? Which domain-specific success factors and ranking factors do exist?

This often results in concrete implications for the strategy of a company. During operation, they form an indispensable planning basis, which in many parts cannot be derived with any alternative methods.

Typical Executive Level Issues

By a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the search behavior, as well as the analysis of the contents of a website, and their evaluation by Google, we can approach the following questions for example :