Keyboard Shortcuts

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Shortcut Function
ESC Zoom (without Streamline Diagram)
Shift + TAB Initiates loading data panel into freely positionable window (repeated use rotates the individual areas through, or closes the window again)
ESC (When data panel is launched as a separate window) Closes currently launched window
CMD/ALT + ESC Zoom (with Streamline Diagram)
Klick on URL + CTRL/STRG Open URL in new browser window
Klick on Semantic Cloud Element + CTRL/STRG Copies selected element to main filter (search). When repeated selections are made they will be linked to multiple items in the main filter.
Cursor left/right In presentation mode, these arrow keys can be used to "scroll" back and forth between the saved analysis results.
Cursor Up/Down In presentation mode, the mode can be toggled on and off by pressing these arrow keys (display / hide).