Unique search phrases in the Top 10

We would now like to look at the contents of the clubs and their representation. To do this, we first look at which unique search phrases can be found in the search results – i.e. only those for which only a single domain achieves rankings. And since we and the searchers are primarily interested in the first search result page, we only examine the first 10 positions. For the following investigation we have hidden all brand-oriented search phrases:

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The colour already shows that FC Bayern dominates in quantitative terms here as well. If we look at the keywords from the ranked search phrases that occur most frequently (semantic cloud), it becomes clear which content makes this possible:

The Allianz Arena, as well as the players Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Jerome Boateng provide a large part of the top rankings. This also shows the importance and value of the players for FC Bayern – not least for the jersey sale. If we compare the search volumes, similar weighting ratios can be seen. In the following figure (source: Google Trends), the increased demand for and shortly after the FC Bayern game can also be observed very clearly:

Source: Google Trends

Weighting of identical search phrases

The clubs surveyed have more than 3,300 identical search phrases that can be found in the top 100 Google search results. How are they distributed? For the following presentation, we have again hidden all brand-oriented search phrases:

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And once again you can see from the colour coding: while the BVB, the Red Bulls and Schalke04 distribute their rankings across all 100 places, the FC Bayern concentrate on the first search result page.

Unoccupied subject areas

If we look at the different presence of the clubs, the FC Bayern has attracted a lot of attention so far. But even then you can still find content areas that have not yet been occupied.

When it comes to the rules of football, the offside rules or other basic requirements that make it possible to evaluate or even participate in a match, none of the clubs provide the relevant information. Nevertheless, this information is regularly requested, especially before major matches:

Source: Google Trends

The rankings, which are offered so far, deal only with very special cases, and/or mean something else:

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Certainly, strategic considerations also play a role here. Do you want to offer such information? After all, every football enthusiast should know the rules. But since the clubs are also very committed to youth work, it could be worthwhile to answer basic questions that are often in demand.

This leads us to the investigation of the W questions in the search results. How and what questions do clubs answer? If we search for the search phrases that contain how, what, why, where and when, we will no longer find FC Bayern in the top 10 as the front runner:

The BVB answers most W questions within the top 10. But which are these?

All questions answered relate to the team, match results or venue. Basic questions about the sport will not be answered. This leaves an interesting field unoccupied by all the teams surveyed. Especially changes in the rules (e.g. the introduction of the controversial video evidence) would be an optimal lever to increase the presence in the search results.