How do we approach content planning?

Psychological aspects

The planning of content focuses on the needs of your target group. This includes, for example, the ease with which information can be absorbed and the ease of interaction. 


Whether the textual content appeals to your target audience also depends on the visual context in which it is embedded. In the worst case, layout elements can disrupt human attention to such an extent that relevant parts are not perceived. 


Emotions also play a crucial role in the reception of information. It must therefore be clarified at the beginning of the work where addressing the target group is to be contextualized emotionally.


The aspects described above are summarized in the 3RE framework. It can be used to create content that

  • is RElevant
  • creates REsonances and
  • supports REactions.

Further information about the 3RE framework can also be found in our book Der Content-Faktor.

Methods of solution: Optimization Workshops