What content do we have to offer to our target audience?

Approaching the target group

At the beginning of all activities that are carried out within the framework of an optimisation, there is always the question of which target audience is to be addressed – and with this there is also the task of analysing the search behaviour of this group of people.

Methods of solution: Market Screening | Behavior Research

KPI #1: the dopamine level

Whether niches or so far unoccupied areas: publish demanded, i.e. relevant content. It is crucial that they increase the dopamine level of your target group.

Before you start creating or revising content, there must be agreement about the target audience. Who will be specifically addressed and which performance bond should be communicated?

Further information on the significance of dopamine levels in the context of online marketing can also be found in our book Relaunch – Das Dopaminframework.

Methods of solution: Optimization Workshops